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Luxury Louis Vuitton bags in the Chinese people's lives, if not the regulars are also regular customers. I believe that most people have varying degrees by these luxury temptations, some bait is not shallow, and some wandering around, some fascinated. Although there are a lot of people angry, condemning some Chinese people, "not rich extravagance," I do not agree with the moral standing to talk about the height of luxury replica handbags consumption. Who can resist a luxury fully? The beauty of nature, a woman has the more irresistible luxury. Besides, enjoy the fruits of their hard work, and enjoy a better life, one of which is also the consumption of luxury goods. I want to point out that you can not accidentally become a luxury slaves. In front of the camera lens, the girl had a bag to show, the photographer also give her the bag with the Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Fendi, Coach, Gucci and other replica handbags labels to a few close-up, the little girl's happiness love is more than palpable, almost necessary to radiate out from the TV set. Indeed, with her boyfriend's age and occupation ( company staff ), he must tighten their belts, Qingnangerchu only afford the ten thousand of these thousands of designer bags. Girls deliberately, they both families are ordinary people, so her boyfriend did not from their parents, "scraper" to please her. Because boyfriend material conditions are not so wealthy as she also acquired a brand, just let her exceptionally moving.

Girlfriend who live frugally to buy designer bags boys, a little"blind loyalty."Who put such a move is equivalent to the girls love, quite childish. This young couple just starting life has direction crooked. Also, young people, should enhance their human capital and more investment. Struggling to meet expenses girlfriend, tends to affect men's mental outlook and career choices, short-term behavior is easier to prevail, thus ignoring the replica handbags long-term goals. Of course, not exclude men who had become, and with great LV success. Just saying often say"Behind a successful man there is always a woman,"as if referring to a woman self-sacrifice, to support a man's career. "In order to satisfy a woman's vanity," the sustainability of such power? First, buy from the brand that brand, as long as it is clear that the two of them think the brand is good, not too much to figure out the characteristics of each replica handbags brand, which also did not think about how their brand temperament habits more appropriate. They get from the brand is essentially the envy of others reflected satisfaction. Secondly, the guy after buying Louis Vuitton designer bags, the bag left. Unless the girl from seeding, otherwise he will be increasing pressure of life - today is the designer bags, tomorrow is the diamond ring, the day after tomorrow is the top replica designer handbags fashion, luxury is never-ending. That guy can carry long? A brand embellishment, pretty funky girlfriend, his face filled with a tired, disheveled, because the rod bending beneath the replica handbags pressure of life, "wretched man", spectroscopy and harmonious love music you write? What's more, these tens of thousands of dollars to buy designer bags, if used early to start saving investment, the two of them, "Qian Cheng"a big step forward in respect of it. If the financial management well, now look a little sacrifice vanity, they really need in the future when you can afford more and better designer bags. This brings to mind Maupassant described by Mathilde, because luxury replica handbags high society yearning to pay a price for a decade toiling career. Yes, Mathilde's husband really loved her from the beginning to find ways to get tickets for the dance, chipped in to buy her dress, to find lost necklace borrowed debt after hard work, she paid for her husband everything. However, two of them are so industrious, if not this necklace brings debt, they may have lived a happy life. No description Maupassant Mathilde hear "That diamond necklace was a fake, "after the expression, but left to the reader unlimited imagination. We can not predict who Shanghai girl and her boyfriend in the future what the outcome would be. However, one thing is clear: that the youth are the most beautiful, does not require a lot of decoration; at this stage, "Hungry their bones, their body skin labor", a luxury slaves, unfortunately.